Here’s what people around town are saying- about Kristen, not this blog.
No one reads this blog. 

“EXCELLENT!!” – Aaron Sorkin, after reading Kristen for a guest star role on The Newsroom. Kristen did not book the role.

“You have great energy!”-Nancy Meyers, after reading Kristen for a role in The Intern. Kristen did not book the role.

“You’re actually a really good actress.” -Matt Damon, with a tone of surprise, after watching Kristen in a short film for HBO’s Project Greenlight. Kristen did not win the competition.

“Please scroll [the teleprompter] slower. (pause) Thank you.” -Arnold Schwarzenegger to Kristen on the set of Terminator: YouTube Chronicles, a webseries Kristen line produced. 

So, I lied. Apparently there are a few folks out there who DO read this blog, and here’s what they’ve been saying:

“That blog is raw in its truthfulness and a great motivator for dealing with ‘no’.” -Chrissy Kane Shepherd, my friend’s cousin (aunt? step-aunt? Somehow they’re related)

“Brilliant!” – some girl I don’t know who commented on my Facebook post

“A great read for anyone who is deciding to make a move to try and live and succeed in the entertainment business written by an intelligent and observant woman who has been living the experience…” -Someone ELSE I don’t know who shared my Facebook post

“Read this, read this now! Like click the link and read away! Like I said she is brilliant, so why are you still reading this? Go! Go now!” – Kelsey Michel, my friend from college

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